Real Name: Stephen Christopher Ralph
Age: 23
Location: Switches between London and Tel-Aviv, both awesome cities for different reasons.

Favourite Artists: Mars Volta, Frank Turner, Porcupine Tree, Fear Before the March of Flames, Tera Melos and Kayo Dot.
An Artist We Should Listen To Is: Frank Turner – He writes as it happens and puts it to guitar in a way anyone can enjoy, and is one of the better singer/songwriters out there at the moment. Has one of my all time favourite songs ‘Worse things happen at sea’.
Most Inspirational Writer (Lyrically): I don’t tend to use lyricists as inspiration now, but over the years it’s been; Alkaline Trio, Mars Volta, At the Drive-In, Circle Takes the Square; all of them has had some form of influence of what I’ve written.
Favourite poet/poem (published writer): ack, tough choice. Lately it’s been William Butler Yeats and specifically, ‘The Second Coming’. As for novels I been butchering Jose Saramago’s works of late; taking a simple idea and conveying it in a way we all can believe in it from beginning to end. And I’ve just seen Blindness at the cinema, I liked it, as far as adaptations go it’s one of the better attempts, still can’t rival the book though, as always.
If you could be any writer ever, who would you be: Kurt Vonnegut – What a dude!

Why Do You Write: Ahh. To invent, entertain, inform and release, all the while doing so in a way I want, so **** you all.
Favourite word(s): Battalion and now Eevee.
Favourite technique/style to write in: Ha, pin me down if you’d like. My recent stuff proves it’s not possible, but I’ll always have a penchant for cryptic pieces. That and I love to craft an image by carefully choosing words, most of which can be said in elongated/easier ways, but I don’t want to, lol.

Favourite Writer(s) on UG: Well to name but a few: Jammydude44, Carmel, then Daemonika, Spike_8bkp and Seventh_Angel, with honourable mentions to; Synth, Silence, Carpy, punch and Chak.
Most Helpful Critic: Anyone who’s ever said anything on my work, but Jamie stands out as one who never fails to find something, he and Zach tbh.

What do you do especially, to find inspiration: I wait. I don’t go looking for it, force it or take the time to just sit and watch the world go by in the hopes I’ll be able to write something because of it. Inspiration strikes when you’re ready to commit it to paper.

Your Most Recent Work and Reason Behind It: I’ve been slated for years on this site for not opening up, so I did, finally putting to paper what I should have said while those people still had the chance to read it. There’s one more person I’ve yet to write about but that will come in time.

Tips for Newer Writers: Where do I start. Don’t emulate anyone, use them as a spring-board, sure, but you cannot ‘write like’ because they write for their own reasons, you have to write for you own too. Read what you like to read and if it inspires you then go for it. Also never be ashamed to write anything on the paper, if it’s you, no one can tell you you’re doing it completely wrong, there is however better ways to go about writing and that will only come from practice.

What’s your goal in writing: I’d like to end up working in etymology, so obviously writing is a way of learning. I’d also like to produce a book of poetry and write a novel at some point in my life, but like everything I am not forcing it, I’ll get a chance and when I do I’ll take it and bleed it dry. .

Final Comments or Thoughts: Right now I am thinking about everyone here and how much you’re all a part of the little community we have. I’ll probably end up coming here for many many years, as long as it still exists. Sick bags have now magically appeared under your seats if you feel the need to use them.


Congrats, baby!
This is not a pipe
Congrats Hurt Within!
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Massively well deserved. Well done
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the growth you've shown in your writing this past month has been nothing short of breathtaking, my dear friend. I hope you stay on this path you're currently traveling down, it's been quite enjoyable.
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hey, haven't really read much of your stuff in a while, but i am very happy for ya. what is this like the 20th time you have won this thing?
Grats man.

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Congratulations, Steveh!

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Most Helpful Critic: Anyone who’s ever said anything on my work, but Jamie stands out as one who never fails to find something, he and Zach tbh.
not to minimize the importance of the community at large, but these two are awesome.
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Congrats Steve.
On the eight day we spoke back...

let there be sound.
I felt your pieces came as a big surprise to me - they just arrived and I was wowed, when previously I may not of been so immensely.
Your attitude, talent and position is truly honest and creative.
Massive thank you to everyone.

I you all!

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