This is what I am running right now:

Epiphone Casino
Throught my Digitech RP350, through my 15W Cube.

My Cube is set as follows:

Volume: 3
Clean channel
EQ: Bass: 0, Mid: 0, Treble: 10
That Power Squeezer thing is ON..

My Digitech RP350 is set as follows:

Comp: 25% Sustain, 0 Attack, 65% Volume

Amp A: Direct (no amp model), Twin 2x12 (cab model), Max Volume

EQ: BRIGHT preset, Bass: 8, Mid: 6, Treble: -7, Presence: 12 (max)

Amp B: Vox AC15, Drv 1x12 (Deluxe Reverb speaker cab model), Gain: Max, Volume: 50-65

EQ: Same as first EQ

I rate all the above settings as 7/10. If it had more life to it, and a bit more punch, I would rate it 9/10.

Also my parents are going to buy me that Kustom Double Barrel I keep talking about.
It sounds similar to my cube, but with more life, and a bit more punch or ‘oomph’.
My only problem is it wont be loud enough for gigs.

I was thinking using this ^, but with Kustom Double Barrel in place of Cube, for practice on my own. And then I would get the Kustom HV 100W
(not all hybrids are bad are they?) and run my RP350 and some individual pedals (chorus, reverb) through that for gigs. What do y’all think? It should sound close to what I’m running now, except only louder and a lot more ‘oomph’, right?
I ****ing hate you so much.

Im sorry.

Stop with the threads
I've bought, sold, and traded more gear than I care to admit.
Well, it was rhetorical.

I was just saying that what I was looking for was right under my nose.

Also, sorry for the serious pysochological harm these repetitive threads have caused y'all.
This made me lol.

Anyway, question, is the Kustom HV 100 tube or SS (I am assuming the double barrel is SS because thats what you were leaning towards last time).

Because if it is SS, then you can just get the 100 watter, since you dont need to crank a transistor to make it sound "better".
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LaidBack: this is true, but he wants gig worth cleans, and with SS to get a decent clean you need the headroom.
I've bought, sold, and traded more gear than I care to admit.
Quote by neptune1988

EQ: Bass: 0, Mid: 0, Treble: 10

I haven't got any experience with the double barrel - but with your setup and eq'ing, odds are it will sound pretty much exactly the same.