I just thought id put it in context otherwise you wont understand it
me and my friend are a acoustic comedy duo band.

The boss where i work he just shits down my neck
for minimum wage you dont get know respect
but its alright
its alright
int got no cash all the bills still need paying
if the rents late again then i wont be staying
but its alright
its alright
coz i got you
the girl of my dreams
dont need nothing else
you're all that i need
when nothing goes right
your there by my side
stay with ne tonight
and it'l all be alright

then she left me x4

now your just another girl whos dead to me
but you wernt the only girl that was close to me
i've been shaging that bird from work behind your back
i'v been having sex with her since your fanny went slack
so go and **** yourself bitch i'v got my life back on track
and its alright
without you