I am wanting to get a fender telecaster and I was deciding between either the fender lite ash telecaster or the standard MIM. Weight is a big deal to me and I was wondering which one is weighs less?
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I'm not positive, but I think Ash is a lighter wood, so probably Ash. I have a MIM alder strat though, and, while the tele is more wood overall, my strat isn't all that heavy really, so it probably wouldn't be more than half a pound to a pound of difference.

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well i mean how heavey is heavey

they are pretty light in comparison to something like a lp

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Yeh the SICK! bit sounds a bit stupid.

I have played both and the Lite ash is much lighter and has better pickups
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lite ash would be lighter...maybe you should pick up the weights
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There's a couple of different kinds of Ash, but the one they use should be lighter than the alder in their standard bodies, so if weight is a real issue for you, go with the ash.

Be aware though that it's not just weight that differs. Ash has a brighter tone than alder, and especially on a guitar like a Telecaster that is already a very bright sounding instrument, it may be wiser to go with alder instead.

And also, it's not a huge weight difference. You might find the ash-bodied Tele is half a pound lighter, maybe a full pound at most, but in the long term it's not worth buying a guitar just for a tiny weight difference like that. Play them both, find which one feels and sounds best to you, then go with that, regardless of which wood it's made of.
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Should be about the same unless its an older standard that was made of poplar. I had one and it was about 9 pounds. The new MIM standards are made of alder so they should be a little lighter. My 60's reissue is alder and it weighs just over 7 pounds. But keep in mind they all vary a little bit. The light ash I tried at the guitar shop wasn't any lighter.
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lite ash is lighter, and better.
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