so I have a spare monitor laying around, and the one Im using now has a second plug in for a monitor cable, so im wondering if i can use another monitor cable and plug the second into the first

can someone tell me if this would work and how id do it?
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You can always try it.

The times I've used two monitors was when I plugged both of them into my graphics card. Go to the "only computer thread" too, they're more helpful: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=945020&highlight=computer
You do actually just plug both them in, it's that simple.

You have 2 ports on your PC or a spare one on your Monitor to plug both a PC AND a Monitor into it?
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You can't plug anything into the CPU. You'd have better luck if you used the monitor jack on your computer.

If it's two ports on your monitor, then no, because that's just two input to the monitor.

If your graphics card has two ports, then yes, though you may have to do some configuring, possibly get a program for your card that will let you have different stuff on both screens.