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49 82%
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11 18%
Voters: 60.
Quote by chuck spectre
Doing a Poll is better than just asking a question?

make a poll about it

EDIT: ah. nevermind
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Wow we have found ourselves in a paradox.
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I like polls, but actual explained answers are better, methinks.

EDIT: Really? I'm still the only one?
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Wow we have found ourselves in a paradox.

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Question and answer allows the Pit to give (some) witty and humurous answers.
wen i ask they say that they fall into the habit smhw ........but nyways i think there is a connection smwhere. Now i being a teetollar will not give into this habit nyhw

A poll is good, so long as it has 3 options, of which the secind will be more popular than the other two, which will be roughly equal, so that the results of the poll look like a representation of a c0ck and balls.
a poll about a poll.... existentialist? postmodern? surrealism? all of the above?
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youre a weird one tjdjr09

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Question and answer allows the Pit to give (some) witty and humurous answers.

It may be allowed and encouraged, but, let's face it, it's still exceedingly unlikely.
poll.. and then people explain there poll choice.
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Someone make a poll whether or not should there be a question and answer about a poll... Wait, what?
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Who the **** cares? There's still gonna be idiots that think "I cum blood" and "Over 9000" are still funny.
Poll + explanation on the vote
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Quote by chuck spectre
Doing a Poll is better than just asking a question?
depends on the question.

this question is just derivative. not worth either the question or the poll.

should ThreadStarter make better threads? (choose one)

- No. this thread is amazing.

- Yes. this thread sux.

- Definitely. and close this useless piece of shit.

- Absolutely. ban his sorry little ass if he even makes another dookie like this again.
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