So there's this little local music shop that occasionally has used guitars for sale, and today I saw a MIM Tele for $250. I played it out on some random crate amp, and it sounded good on that, so I think it'd sound decent on my VOXAD50VT. My only concern is if it's a good deal or not. So tell me what you think?
it's ok if you like tele's.
you can almost always find a used mim strat for under 300 so it's not like it's a great deal, but a deal nonetheless..
Sounds like a good deal to me. I've heard (I think jenny said it in another thread) that the squire vintage Tele absolutely tops the MIM, so you might wanna play a few of those before you decide. Good luck.
Wait a second... I was looking at guitar center's website to see what this normally retails at, and it's not just a MIM tele, it's a deluxe blackout tele. Does this make it a better deal or not?
Tele Is this the it? if so i think its a great deal.
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Wait a second... I was looking at guitar center's website to see what this normally retails at, and it's not just a MIM tele, it's a deluxe blackout tele. Does this make it a better deal or not?

In that case, yeah, I'd buy it, as long as it felt good. Congrats if you get it, man!

here's a good tutorial, on how to check out a guitar, look for problems...

Testing a Guitar:

Once you're certain about the model, you're ready to test some guitars. Don't be afraid to ask for one off the wall. When they don't want one played, they will usually tag it, but it's a good idea to leave the top shelf guitars alone unless they are in your price range. Let the sales staff know you're serious and they will be more willing to work with you on a good deal.
To make things simple, I've made a checklist.
Before playing...
-Sit down in a quiet area and feel the guitars weight. Make sure it's balanced, and suited to your size.
-Move the knobs and switch. Make sure they are tight.
-Go to the input jack, see if it wiggles.
-Lift the guitar to your face. Check the headstock and neck joint for small cracks or chips.
-See if the neck looks straight.
-Shake the guitar. Listen for loose parts.
-Look at the fretboard. Make sure there are no wood imperfections, raised or crooked frets. Make sure the frets don't poke through the side of the board.
Before plugging in....
-Strum and fret each string. You're listening for fret buzz.
Keep in mind, guitars aren't always set up prior to placement on the selling floor.
Sometimes they aren't even tuned. Action and fret buzz are USUALLY adjustable, but the guitar shouldn't buzz and rattle everywhere.
-Check the guitar's harmonics. Compare tones at the 12th. See if the guitar is intonated.
-Make sure the board isn't too wide for you. See if you can reach the higher frets.
-Make sure the bridge saddles are level, with no sharp points.
-Make sure the tuners don't feel loose.
Amp it up...
-Ok, find the pain in the ass sales guy. You'll need a guitar cable, and an amp,
Don't Let him plug you into a $1,000 amp. You're testing the guitar not the amp.
-If possible, have a riff ready. If you're tagged as a complete noob, you'll get less respect.
-Use the switch. Select the neck pickup. Select the bridge. Listen for crackling noises.
Roll the knobs and listen for noise. Touch and lift your hand off the bridge, listen for buzzing that stops when you ground it. If you're into Metal, and are looking at a humbucker guitar, expect to hear less noise than if you were testing a single-coil guitar.
-Check the pickups with the amp on clean and with gain.
Questions to Ask...
-Hopefully you already know the wood type of your choice guitar. You need to make sure the salesman knows that you've done your homework.
"Do you have any other Mahogany guitars in this price range, you could recommend?"
-Let the salesman know that you've noticed any imperfections.
"I like this ibanez, but I'm picking up fretbuzz through the amp. Do your guitars come
-Spend a while playing the guitar. Look upset even if you like the guitar.
"What can I get this guitar for?" "Does this guitar come with a case?"
You want to walk out of there, with as many free extras as possible. Especially if you've found anything wrong with the guitar. Any minor flaw, might work as a bargaining chip.
- "What's your return policy?"

^and irishstang, i think the new squiers are great. the few i've seen out and tried.
but i also love my mex strat, so i guess i'd have to say, for me, the best one would depend on a guitar by guitar comparison.

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