Ok so im going to be in the market for pedals or a multi effect pedal board.

My basic question is what are the pro's and con's between the two?

the M.E.P i was looking at is the Line 6 POD XT

and as far as the pedals i would be buying, i really don't know, probally a wah, delay, and overdrive. No idea about the brand or anything, but thats pretty much what im looking for.

with the pedal board you get 100's of different effects, but are they kind of cheesy or are they actually a good representation of the real sound?

I just don't really no in which way to go as far as buying pedals, any information regarding this would be welcome


It's better (I Think) to buy the individual pedals so you can adjust the eq and what not individually. I think pedals have a wider range of tones to choose from than a Muti effects processor.
well, to be honest - if you have a nice amp, and are seeking a nice tone you cannot beat individual pedals. Multi Pedals basically replace your preamp and are packed full of useless presets and models. You get the ease having only 1 pedal, however you will be sacraficing a lot in the end.

Wah - there are a lot, but teh Cry baby is your best bet
Delay - MXR Carbon Copy, EHX #1 Echo, Boss, Digitech, the list goes on...I prefer either the MXR or EHX (which I have)
OD/Dist - this is subject to taste and style - so you really need to define what sound you are going for and find 1 or 2 that will match it well. I use a few as I like to dial in different ranges depending on what Im playing

hope that helps some

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Multi-Effects with amp modeling capabilities replace your pre-amp. This is why the more expensive multi-effects units don't have amp modeling built in. If your amp is solid-state, the amp modeling won't be a problem. If you're unsure of what you want, by all means, get a reasonably cheap multi-effects unit and have a blast. Single pedals let you pick and choose, and really customize your tone. Multi-effects unit have more types of effects, but fewer possibilities in how you use them. They also require you to spend all your money up front, whereas single pedal boards can be built up slowly.
Definitely single pedals. Better customization, plus the ability to have more than one or two effects going at a time without having to tapdance all over the thing to get it going.

Plus, I'm a nerd for huge pedalboards.
id say multi- effects but DO YOUR RESEARCH. im very happy with my zoom g2.1u and i found a great website with settings that eliminate the hassle for me to get good settings. i have a solid state and i love the amp modeling. if you have a tube amp its probably a different stroy tho, unless you have a cheap one with cruddy tone.
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thanks for the info guys!

I guess im kind of leaning towards the individual pedals and building my own original setup.

And as far as actual pedal boards go, what are some good brands, or if you have one which one do you have, b/c all the sites im looking at have very mixed reviews for almost every one. I would just go to a music store and ask, but they always are very biased about trying to get you to spend the most money you can on something.

Or how difficult is it to make your own?
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I'll say it right now, since you're going with individual pedals, STAY AWAY FROM DIGITECH!

Wah: Crybaby, can't beat it.

Dist: Boss DS-1

Delay: Boss DD-7

Maybe I'm just a Boss fan, but whatever you do: Stay away from Digitech...
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Maybe I'm just a Boss fan, but whatever you do: Stay away from Digitech...
Even though the Digitech Bad Monkey is regarded highly for it value and tone. The Digidelay is also a good pedal.

The XT Live is nice unit. I have the X3 Live. If you just want a certain tone then individual pedals are good, as long as you have a good amp. If you want to experiment with a wide variety of tones and cover a wide range of music then a multifx allows you to dial in a unique tone and get to it easily. Also multifx are great for recording.
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