Dude this is very cool. It reminds me of Stravinsky's Rite of Spring although they sound quite different. I like it a lot, its just kind of difficult to listen to. Its hard to find the direction. I realize this is probably what your aiming to do but its still a thought.

A couple of things:
What was the process for writing this? I want to experiment with this kind of music myself someday.
And what kind of recording setup did you use for this? Is it all live or what?
I wish I could explain the process. I hear things and I write them on staff paper. I play them afterwards to confirm that they are really what I was hearing in my head. I'm kind of crazy.

My uncle, Steve McCabe (www.stevemccabemusic.com) has me hooked up as far as recording. I just send him scores.

EDIT: As far as direction... Those with modern directionality in mind will think the same thing. Forget everything you know about song structure, because this is a different game. Just close your eyes and imagine, with either of my currently uploaded instrumentals.

That's just me.
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