Ok, so I really need some major help. I have no idea how to start, or what to write about or anything. I really want to get stuff out, but I have no idea how to. I really need some help on this stuff.
I'm into all kinds of music, and I need help writing anything. I've tried doing some pop-punkish stuff, where its straight forward, but even that is hard for me to get out. I remember hearing from someone (I think tom delonge) that your songs and what you write and stuff, are just how you view the world, and whats going on. I just can't get to that place. Heres 2 lines from something I wrote this morning. It's really nothing without any melody, but its meant to be fun upbeat pop-punky. It's about liking a girl, but she has a boyfriend already.
But I really need help on just getting my stuff out. I don't know how to write it out. I've been really down lately, and think this will help.
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