The title pretty much explains it. If this has been done before, my fault.

I think mine at this point would have to be Jon "KC Wolf" Kindler from The Chariot.
Sam Bolle, Dick Dale's current one.
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urdoinitallwrong according to that thread

But I'd say either Flea for having so much fun on stage, or Wolstenholme for headbanging so much it leads to medical problems.
Geddy, fershur. I saw him live and he was so damn amazing.

And my dad's friend met him and said he was like the coolest and humblest dude on the planet.
My dad's friend told Geddy he thought he was the best bass player alive, and Geddy said "Thanks alot. But there are alot of people better than me."
You can't say Robert Trujillo (Metallica) isn't funny.
I love his monkey walk while playing.
It's never a surprise what answer i give to these threads, but for this one really, Steve Harris of Maiden hands down. He's beyond energetic and is in his 50's now.
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Flea Flea and more Flea
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Mic Todd from Coheed & Cambria is pretty damn cool live. Geddy Lee is still rocking for being 55.


It was amazing seeing his bass prowess live. I just wish his amp was a bit louder.

Also Chi from Deftones
Flea has really great stage presence. I'm not really a RHCP fan, but he's always fun to watch.
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The Gojira bassist is off his head.

Same with the Tony Danza Tap Dance Extravaganza bassist.
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Colin Greenwood from Radiohead. He stands near the back dancing and singing along. Legend.
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+infinity, saw him at a joe satriani concert couple weeks ago, amazing in every way!!!
Most entertaining bassist I ever seen live is Roger Manganelli from Less Than Jake.

He's like this giant dreadlock-hedgehog-tornado tearing up the stage.
Steve Harris was freaking amazing the couple of time I saw him. Hell, all the guys from Maiden are some of the most energetic performers out there.

Also, I don't know who he is, but when I saw 3 Inches of Blood at HeavyMTL, their bassist was crazy, running all across the huge stage. He really was full of energy.