The Standard is made of Agathis, but it's priced higher than the Affinity which is made of Alder.

Which one is better?

P.S. I played the Standard made of Agathis, and I honestly thought it sounded really good for a Squier. I haven't tried an Affinity.
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Alder is arguably the better wood but the standard probably has better hardware and pickups.
I don't know why on Earth the standard would be priced higher if it's agathis. Ridiculous. I'd have the affinity anyday.
That is, if the Vintage Modified series didn't exist. Honestly, I love them. Great for the price, IMO.
Yeah, affinity series. Alder's much better.
Affinity has Alder wood. Go for that.
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I'm still trying to decide between Standard Telecaster Candy Apple Red or a Affinity Tele NM Butterscotch blonde. Should I pay that extra?