My friend is buying this bass

He and I agree that it is one of the most fun basses we have ever played, and the tone is great for metal.

It is for sale for $550 at our local guitar store, and he was wondering if it could become collectable? It was designed by the guy who made the alien and predator characters, and it was on a very limited production run and is no longer being made, so what do you think?
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anything can become a "collector" item. it all depends on the monetary value it is given in say, forty years, that determines its "worth" as a collectible item.

heck, i collect shot glasses. will they be worth anything money-wise in say, thirty years? no, but the sentimental value is there for me.
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For something to become a collectable and appreciate in value, several factors have to be present--the product should be a limited run, have something unique to set it apart from the rest of the market, be high quality, or be the first of something.

That said, a middle of the road standard ibanez bass with a different paintjob won't gain any value over the years.

But I could be wrong


It doesnt help the cause that it's not handpainted, it's just a print.

However, if you love it, then buy it for yourself to play, not as an investment.
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On the risk of sounding like some appraiser from Antiques roadshow, an item is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it. Collectables, which this guitar is, is a very uncertain market. Somewhere down the line, an Ibanez collector might be interested or a H G. Giger collector because it has his art, but how much is a really unknown thing and is completely supply and demand, desirability driven.

As an investment, its a pretty risky one. As a bass you play, a good Ibanez with good tone and playability.
it wont be collectable,

there are another giger series i think, where the artwork is engraved into the guitars, VERY limited, retail for $3k (aus), they will be collector items.
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Who cares if it'll be a collectable, it's beautiful!
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not likely. but a cool look. if I bought one, it would probably be a collectible within 10 years, because I'm just awesome like that...
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