anyone know of any videos of this duck? i know he was in the movie but i have no Winrar and no monies and i was wondering if i could watch a clip of him maybe in another episode or something. thanks.
I can't stand watching people waste their money on horrible gear.
You can watch most of the episodes free at Adultswim.com.
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"I'm discontinuing production on the Timmy now as well. It might come back into production at some point down the road, but probably not because people will just clone it anyway cause they're stupid jerk face doo doo heads. -Paul C."
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The Cybernetic Ghost of Christmas Past from the Future?

I think this is what TS may be speaking of.
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CFH82, I love you. I didn't laugh, but my god, I love you.

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Holy shit, that was epic. A mighty roar escapeth'd my mouth.

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I saw a penis.