Is it possible to replace the nut on the end of the truss rod? I think mine is stripped.

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What makes you think it's stripped? If it is stripped and it's a cheap guitar, I'd say it's time for a new guitar. Even if it's an expensive guitar, chances are it's going to be an expensive repair.
uhhh...it depends on how stripped the the truss rod is itself, if you can somehow get a nut started on there, then it might work, but you may either have to buy a new neck, or send it to someone like stewmac to get the trussrod replaced.


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Dang, how did it become stripped?

I have to adjust the ones on my guitars every once in a blue moon. How much adjusting were you doing to strip it?

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I'm not sure how it became stripped. It's not COMPLETELY stripped, though. I don't adjust it very often, but I may have been using the wrong size allen wrench or something stupid like that. I'm going to be selling it, and it's not a very expensive guitar. I am already in the process of building the one that will replace it.

BTW, JP&JR is indeed an amazing album.

EDIT: I bought the guitar used, so I'm not sure if it was like this beforehand or not.

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and my 7-string Ernie Ball MM JP-7 build

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A solution I saw with the allen wrench style is. Clean the hole out with alcohol and qtips. Then use jbweld in the hole and push a allen wrench in to give it the proper shape. You have to put something on the end of the allen so it wont stick to the jbweld. Saran wrap would probably work. Should work decent if alot of adjustments werent made. Or if you can get the old nut off you should be able to get a new nut.