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when i first got the motherbucker, i had no experience in wiring so i used a very simple diagram that WD Music sent me:

but i know that the motherbucker is mroe versatile than that. i heard that it has other wiring variations that can give higher output or different sounds. now that i have much more experience and confidence in soldering and wiring my pickups i would like to try these variations.

so does anyone has any that you can share with me? (my guitar has one vol, one tone, and one 3 way)
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what other pickups in your guitar do you have?

Theres more but the site i get them from is not showing them

i've got an EMG HZ in the neck. The Motherbucker is in the bridge.

er... your diagrams are all either for normal humbuckers or single coils? im looking for variations in wiring the Kent Armstrong Motherbucker.


but thanks for your effort though! i do appreciate it!