We're a metal band playing out in a warehouse off US
441.. we are looking for a drummer who is seriously into
this shit, someone who can work his way around double
bass without any problems, but not someone whos only
skill is double bass...theres gonna be a lot of mixed
stuff thrown at you..complex beats and the like..
its cool if you have an attitude coz, hell thats what
metal is all bout...however, restrict your trash talk to
the stage and not to the other band members..
no drinkin or drugs, while at practice..
and if selected, will have to pay part of the rent for
the warehouse...
we have a lot of material worked out and are looking for
a drummer who can push us to the next level...
if this sounds like something you would be interested
in, give us a call
352 283 4038-Ralph
Right now we have vocals, lead guitar, rhythm guitar and
bass. not to mention a frikkin awesome warehouse..
in other words, we are a phenomenon waitin to happen..