I've been thinking about my Classic Player 60's strat...

I love the tones I can coax out of it, and the feel of the rosewood neck.... However I think the fret job is off enough to be of concern, and, while i love the aged look of the headstock and neck, it is glossed so it feels sticky. I think this could be limiting the speed of my playing.

I'm also considering putting a tortiseshell pick guard on it.

So i'm wondering, should I consider getting a new neck, and if so, are there any reccomendations?
you COULD get a new neck, or just replace the frets. itll probably take less time to do if you factor in shipping time, and it should be cheaper as well

however,if you have no clue what your doing, you might end up ****ing up the neck.
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Sanding the back of a neck down with 400 grit sandpaper really does a lot of it's playability in my opinion. You don't even have to sand through the clear coat, just enough to take away the shine and 'stickiness'.

^ That is a great idea. I would continue up in steps to a high grit, like 1200+ just so it looks really nice.

You can refret, which will cost maybe $50, you can get it refretted which will cost about $300, or you can get a new neck which will cost about $125-$200 for a Fender quality neck.
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Sanding the neck is one of he best things I did for my custom. 400 is all you'll really need, anything more and it begins to get sticky again. Refretting is a hit or miss thing; but it's more of a 400 yard shot with wind in your face and a pellet gun... unless you know exactly what you're doing, you'll probably eng up gouging something fierce out of your beautiful guitar (the thought makes me cringe).

Check Out the Mighty Mite necks, I've heard nothing but good things about them. Best of luck