I use to come around but it's my first post here! I need some advice..

I'm going to have a fuzz pedal, and an amp simulator pedal (the ones that simulate the EQ). Since i mostly will play at home, and cannot make big noise.. what can i do for the setup?

1. Guitar - fuzz pedal - EQ amp simulator pedal - mini amp (those micro amps)

That would be the easy one, but if i already have the distortion and the sound i want, why should i buy a bad amp?

2. Guitar - fuzz - EQ amp simulator pedal - stereo speakers??
Here is my doubt, how to connect that. Do i need a d.i.? an analog mixer? both?

What would work/sound better? Notice that i dont want to use computer related gadgets!

Any help will be appreciated, many thanks!
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What is the amp simulator? If it's like a pod I would probably suggest something like a keyboard amp.
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Its a pedal that eq the sound similar to that amp, for example the boss fdr1, ala fender 65 reverb. http://www.zzounds.com/item--BOSFDR1.

So i need an amp, but i want a really simple one, dont need any controls or speakers, just send the signal of the pedals to the speakers
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