hey pit monkeys!!!

Ive just started working on this about 15mins ago and im stuck on the solo. has anyone got any suggestions for the solo??? also wouldnt mind knowing if its just sht or not.

nice as.zip
You've got some nice melodies in there, but it seems to get a bit repetative. Try to put a key change in there or something to mix it up. As for the solo...try putting in a few broken chords and bends and see what you come up with.

But seriously, this is great for 15 minutes
For 15 minutes, this is gold!

As I was listening, I was getting bored with the intro, but when the second guitar came in, I got chills. I really really liked how you had the notes come into the chord(Forgot the word atm) The overdriven guitar was also very nice! It had so much feeling in it.

As for the solo, I would think maybe trying the C minor scale. Modify the accompany pattern a bit, and have it as accompaint. Slide into the first few notes, and have slow bends. Just play around with almost any minor key, and you should find something you like.

I really like what you have so far!

dont take this personally. I just chose to do it your thread.

How is this progressive? I see prog rock this, prog metal that in about every 5th thread. so i decided to research into what prog accually is. apparently prog chooses to stay away from typical intro/verse/chorus form. which alot of these so called prog songs do i guess, but i really dont see how that could put them in theyre own catagory. lots of songs dont follow the usual intro/verse/chorus form, does this make them prog?

apparently prog chooses to use different instruments. most of the prog songs i see on here use basic guitar, bass, drums, keyboard. to me, thats not too different. in particular this song, only used 3 guitars, a bass, and some keyboard/strings. nothing too out of the ordinary.

the time signatures change alot apparently, most of the songs ive seen on here have a couple of time changes, but not heaps. there certainly isnt any so crazy and out of time that they need to be labelled in there own genre. for example, this song stays in 4/4 the whole time.

to me, i really dont see why so many songs are labled as progressive, when they just sound like normal rock songs. is it that bad just to write 'a rock song' rather than 'progressive symphonic rock' or something like that.

to BKGMorley: this isnt a rant on you, i just used your song as an example. sorry if i offend.

so someone write back and tell me how all these songs on this forum and 'prog', because they just seem like rock songs to me. im sure some are 'prog', but im just looking to educate myself. im not looking for a fight, just an explanation and if im wrong, ill admit it.

Since i took the time to do that, i may aswell crit.

- The intro picking is pretty cool i guess, nothing to out of the ordinary, but it sets the mood for what i imagine the song mood will be.
- I like how the jazz guitar plays the first half of the bar, and then the piano finish's the bar off. Works well. HIM do it alot of the time, however with two different piano sounds rather than guitars.
- The solo kind of this with the over drive guitar is allright, however i dont really like bar 19 of it.
- The song so far seems pretty allright. Hopefully it builds up to something good.