long time ago a friend of mine bought a guitar and a snowboard for 50 bux and i ended up reciving the guitar as a gift. Being one to always look for guitars i took this one and add it to my collection as my fourth.

i looked at peavey website and information was hard to come by but i decided the value of the guitar is around 200 dollars in a shop. year manufactured is undecernable but neck plate is stamped with 6063758

Peavey International Series PREDATOR printed on the headstock

HSS setup maybe the pickups were changed becasue the pickguard is white/black/white

Funny thing is when i was taking it apart to get down and clean the frets i noticed the guitar is bright sparkly candy apple red underneath its solid BLACK finish. could peavy have made the guitar red saw how bad it looked and painted it black because it is a more forgiving color?

bridge is cast alloy and the whammy bar goes in and attaches with a screw in the side. Alloy is cracked will this be a concern? eventually?

My other electric is a fender strat so dealing with a bargain guitar is pretty much a hobby for me. i would like to have a beater i can use...... and a guitar with a humbucker. anything else i should look at?