yo UGers have a question, umm ive played guitar for like two years now and was just told i can go to guitar center and spend $600. the thing is my guitar right now is ok....just ok......put i would like to have a bass too for "band" purposes lol and it just be cool and fun ;P so i was thinking just a rumble amp and squir affinity bass, OR a new nicer guitar, i know my desicion but want some advice. thanks
I had the same problem! the I thought of it is get a better guitar depending on what style of music you play I Played metal so I got the new Ibanez 8 string. As for the bass if your in a band or most likely your starting one find a bass player that has a bass yet alone can play it.
bass isnt that great to play unless your in a deathmetal band or somethin
cool yes but not really as fun as u might think
id get a nicer guitar
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bass isnt that great to play unless your in a deathmetal band or somethin
cool yes but not really as fun as u might think
id get a nicer guitar
It's fun if you're in a rhythm&blues or jazz band too.

But it is one of those things that is very boring for a long while for most people, and few people stick with it long enough to get good. It's not like electric guitar where even something basic can be fun - bass is one of those things which 9/10 people are going to be bad at and find dull, and 1/10 people are going to be great at and find really fun.

That's not an insult at bass, I have a lot of respect for a good bass player (moreso than a good guitar player in fact), but don't be deluded. Becoming a decent bass player is hard, much harder than it is to be a decent guitar player.

As far was what OP should do with his money... it's your cash. Nobody can tell you which option is better or worse for you, ultimately it's for you and you only to decide. My advice would simply be, give it some hard thought, go down and try stuff out, then leave it for a week while you think some more. It may 'only' be a couple of hundred dollars, but there's no point wasting that money. Think about it, try stuff out, think about it some more. And if after that you still can't decide... my instinct would always be to just stick with what you know now, i.e. stick with electric guitar.
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I started out a bass player, I love it. The only reason I switched is that I joined a band as a guitarist and wanted to focus on guitar and get better. It's just something I loved. I always played really bass heavy music though, and the people I jammed with let me go as crazy with it as I wanted.

But Maybe you can check out an amp for jamming witha drummer since you don't have one
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definitely get a cheapo bass. itll expand your musicianship and help you when it comes to writing and arranging songs. if you still want to get a guitar, skip out on the bass amp and use an old guitar amp if you have one lying around. sure it wont sound good, but itll get the job done.

by cheap bass, i mean go to a pawn shop and get a $90 squier.
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Writing music is hard D: