Hi all. I'm in a metal band that's made up of mostly guys from my grade and we play occasionally. We're all decent musicians, even my drummer who's easily distracted. *rolls eyes*

Anyhow, my question is this: How do you go about introducing material that you've written yourself to other musicians? I'm a guitarist; I know guitar. I tried making demoes with a keyboard drum machine and guitar with Audacity, but besides that I have no clue what else to do. I can give them the music, but communicating how it's played is another matter.

I've worked alot with a praise band, and when we worked on a new song, we all got the song on our iPods and then printed off a chord sheet and worked on it. However, some my music isn't simple enough for me to do this with.

Thanks in advance.
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Are you talking about say having lyrics and riffs written?

If so, count the amount of measures for each part out, present each member with a copy of the measure count for each part, and teach each member how you want the parts to sound.
Thanks. I'll try and listen through my songs and make some out.
The Wheel of Time turns. What was may be again, and what is may yet pass...
This is exactly why music theory exists.
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Guitar Pro is great for this, you can get the entire song arrangement notated and you can also listen to it that way.
just play what you have and let them do their own parts. Thats what we do, and for now it seems to be working. But that wont work if you want the song to be completely like you imagined it. Eg. I imagined a bluesy like solo, much like an acdc solo, but the lead threw in a fast thrashy metallica like solo and it sounded good. The sond departed from the original idea but it was still good.
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I just go "here, look at this riff i made!" then play it to them. Then let the other guys work out their parts, and, as is usually neccessary, tell teh bass player the notes. We usualyy work out things like structures as we go along, and as we try an fit the lyrics to it.
Thanks. I've actually done a little of this, letting them listen and working with my bass player on what he would play. The one song we were able to do that with easily worked great.
The Wheel of Time turns. What was may be again, and what is may yet pass...