I'm going to buy my first acoustic guitar soon, and I was wondering how a 12 string compared to the standard 6. I've been playing the electric for about 4 years, and I mostly play blues. My budget is about $300. Thanks!
i've got one, but i would suggest getting a 6 string acoustic before a 12 string. and i would save up before you get one, you can get a lot better for around $500.
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i used to have one, honestly i think its a little over rated. Although it depends on your style, if you play mostly rhythm stuff then you may enjoy it, but for leads it kinda useless imo
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Don't buy a 12 string in this low of a price range. 12 string acoustic guitars tend to be more fragile because of the massive amount of tension that the guitar is subjected to. Buying cheap 12 strings is a
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