Yeah, I searchbared. Nothing came up, so.. Yeah.

Mine was probably a whole day at school, only to find out that my French Teacher hadn't Gotten raped by me English Teacher....
I had a dream it was 1996 and I was looking for more information about the army of the 12 monkeys.
I was a man... and I was with some chick.

It was really, really awkward.

I enjoy being a girl for a lot of reasons... one being that dream.;_;

P.S. I'm a womanfolk! : )

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Show me your erection or gtfo... please.
i was maulled by sylvester, tweety, and that bulldog

edit: i was on the toilet, that was the wierd part
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uhh my friends came to school with matching red hats and out of feeling bad about not getting me one, they decided the only suitable apology would be if everyone got together and defeated a giant warthog for me..... The warthog was huge, like 30 ft high, and they were throwing spears at it....

after, they all got on top of it, and said, hope you feel better.....
I was really into this girl a few years ago in high school, and she kind of disappeared out of my life for a long time. I had a dream once where she showed up at school but had turned black.
Marilyn Manson came on my leg when I was in math class.
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That was a different Feb08er that threatened to suck you off
I remember that

Sadly, I was the threatened.
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Let it be known that I concur with everything this gentleman says, ever.

My family and I was over at my grandmothers' house. Everybody was there - cousins, aunts, etc. For some reason, I decide to step outside for a minute. It's night out, and I step out onto the stoop. I'm just chilling, and out of nowhere, a fucking bear jumps out at me.

Naturally, I'm all like, "holy fucking shit it's a bear agghhh oh god." I run back inside, and this bear is right on top of me, trying to maul me. I get inside, and close only the screen door. The bear can not get through. When I point out to my family that there is a bear right outside the screen door, roaring at me, instead of being like, "holy fucking shit it's a bear agghhh oh god," like I was expecting, they were just like, "Huh. A bear. Wouldja look at that."