I've got a upgraded Epiphone 335 (black) for sale. Its got new pickups by Fat Tone and new pots and switch. The tone knob for the lead pickup has been bypassed for tone reasons but the rhythm is still active. I believe theres a few small dings on the guitar but none of them are that bad, didnt even go past the clear. Along with the work the guitar was setup PERFECTLY (IMO) so the guitar is in Tip-Top shape. I put about $220 into the upgrade. Also included is a HSC with Straplocks and a nice strap.

I can get more info apon request, I don't know much cause i had a friend at the music store do the work.

Will post pics tomorrow afternoon.

As far as cash goes im looking for $550.

Trades, I'm mainly looking for an Epiphone Les Paul Custom but feel free to hit me up with other offers.

If theres a Red circle that means theres a small blemish.

Really interested in this, how does it handle classic rock and maybe into some light metal? And would you be interested in a Jackson DKMG with Dimarzio Evo 2 pickups? I'd want a little bit of money on top since my guitar is worth considerably more new but it wouldn't be much... $150? I'm including a Roadrunner HSC as well.
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fuzzyDXMG=GREAT buyer/trader, easy to deal with.
it handles everything very well, the pickups are very versitile. not really interested in the guitar though, never liked shred guitars.
I'm not 100% sure yet, but what would you think of a Epiphone G-400 Deluxe SG Flametop (vintage sunburst) in like new condition?
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