I've been looking at some guitars at http://www.rondomusic.com and the guitars there look pretty decent but I don't want to buy anything that is a piece of crap lol.

They sell three brands as far as I know which are SX, DOUGLAS, and AGILE.

does anyone know about them or how good they are for the price!?!?
Agiles are pretty much equal to epiphones if not higher in quality in the Les Paul area.

I've never played any of the other models they have (SX, Douglas) but I've heard to stay away from SX,,, far away.

Agiles are definitely worth the money (if you live in the U.S.) I do recommend one.

Try to find a local seller on craigslist or anything to at least try out a model before you buy.
Only experience I have with them is I ordered an SX replacement neck when my bass neck broke. Its a decent neck--but I'm not exactly a connoisseur of such things (the bass that the neck went on to was a late-80's generic brand P-bass that i threw new p/ups into).
Id love to have the 7 string ghost with a floyd damn good price.
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I actually heard and read some reviews and heard sx guitars were pretty good for the money

agiles are really good

but what about douglas?
I am not familiar with any of them brands. But i read nothing but good about agile on here. But i will stick to Schecter and ESP.