Okay so i don't have much time to explain and don't laugh, but i have a Mexi-made Telecaster and a 120 watt solid state line 6 amplifier.

I am shooting for a bluesy type tone, for example John Mayer's "Out of My Mind"

If anyone could possibly suggest any help whatsoever (that's rational), it will be greatly appreciated!
The key here is to get a light overdriven tone. On the tele, set your pickup selector to the neck position. On the amp, have distortion on but gain very low. For eq settings, I generally have Bass around 7, Mids at 6, and treble at 4, though you may want the treble lower to counter that trebly tele. If it's still too much distortion, roll off your volume knob a bit.

Hope that helps.
neck pickup, low @ 7, mids @9, Treb @ 4, something like this mids up almost all the way and then just screw around with the bass and treb
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