Hey, Guitar center doesn't seem to have the bugera amps.
They seem like they are worth buying. I am wondering what one is best for Metal,
I would try it out myself but i cant find one anywhere except the internet.
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Im going to say the Bugera 6262 is the best for metal.
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They're all high gain amps. But the 333 series are voiced differently to the 62** series.

There is a bugera thread you know....

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They're great amps. Ask around in the Bugera thread for more info on which amp and vendors.
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i had a 6262 great for metal, they both r, the 6262's distortion is a bit more raw and loose, but still pretty tight, while the 333 has more saturated gain.
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Try to find a dealer in your area
They are all voiced differently, so what may be a good metal voicing for you, might not nessicerily be a good voicing for someone else, depending on the amp.