hey Guy's,

I'm new here and I really need your help.

my name is Nick and I'v been playing the bass for about 1 1/2 years and I practice about 1 1/2 hour a day . I can play or learn about any song I think?!? I just finished learning war pig's by black sabbath.
I can also slap and pop

my problem is that wen people come over and want me to give the a demo I don't know what to play like I don't have a cool solo to play because most songs don't sound too good without the full band?!?!
so I need some ideas of song that are kool with only the bass or tabs of cool solo

I need something kool to play

sorry for the bad spelling

Thanks for any reply's
you can learn something like
YYZ by Rush
The Lemon Song by Led Zeppelin
My Generation by The Who
Roundabout by Yes
or you can improv
Play the RHCP's cover of higher grounds. It sounds really cool to me at least haha, at least the intro, then you could try improvising some more to it.
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that one part to schools out by alice cooper with that really cool thing in the middle of it. (its the only real riff in the song, so u'll know what part, cuz its only played liek once i think.) that thing is cool
Try adding more delay.
What about anesthesia, from the first metallica album? It's not quite hard, sounds good and it's a entire song. You will also learn to use some overdrive. Rytm is easy so you can learn that song in seconds with a good tab.
do you know any theory? just make something cool up? or just learn the flea solo given above :P:
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something classical maybe? I
tried to learn prelude #2 by bach but I didn't have enough frets to play it.

or the mario theme? Or any other classic computer game theme?
learn Happy Birthday, and improvise off of it. you will stick out in everyone's mind, especially if you throw in some double stops and slap bits.
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umm flea has a pretty kickass bass part in By the Way towards the end.

its one of the parts where they yell random shit.
Okay Thanks guy's this was very helpful

feel free to post some more
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I'll Take You There by The Staple Singers has a simple yet tasty solo in it.

I always thought that was a guitar until someone pointed out it was bass. That whole song is quite simple, distinct and downright tasty.
Yeah, its pretty great. Depending on whether you fret the A or play it open the song can also be really good practice for stretching down in first position.

I think that my band is finally polishing it off on Wednesday for an Open Mic the next night. Should be awesome!