First post here, looking for a way to improve on the song, I just feel like something is missing
Genre:Shockrock(Marilyn Manson style)

Good Morning Columbine
It's your little brother
Today I wanna change the world
I wanna make the news

They'll blame the punk rock
They'll say it was unsuspected
Nothing will be changed
Except the statues erected

Good Morning Columbine
They think they've got me beat
But my revenge will taste sweet

When the bullets are gone
And the blood has been wiped clean
Class will go on like before
Only a few will leave

Good Night Columbine
We are your little brothers
Virginia Tech and all the rest
The world looks on and shudders
I love it.
Good work.

but what about instead of
Except the statues erected
Except the status and statues erected
like with manson his status went up after columbine as he was the scapegoat.
just an idea that's all
I really like the theme and what you're going for here. It's got depth it's very cool man. Keep it up.
Thanks guys, Ill keep writing in this genre and ill start doing some more research before I write as well, I had already researched this before I wrote it, but good shockrock needs good lyrical content
I really like it. It flows very well, and it is based off of an event that many people know about (obviously), which makes it more relatable, I guess would be the correct term.
9/10 Methinks.
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