i need that tuning right thar. really dont know how its gonna go with my guitar so im going to use it on my squire strat. it got ernie ball hybrid slinkies as seen in the image below on it, and i guess you need certain strings to tune into this?? will this setup work.

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those are way too tiny, you'd should be looking into 11's or medium top heavy bottom for drop c.
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noo, you need heavier guage strings since your letting the tension out of them, theyll be like spaghetti with those stings, get something with around a .60 on the low E, check out the zakk wylde dunlop set to give you a idea
Yea those flimsy things are to light you need at least a gauge 11 to get to drop c and get it to sound clear.
.60 for E? That's too much.

7 string guitars use .56 for low B.

10-52 is ideal IMO for drop C.
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Try Ernie Ball Skinny Top Heavy Bottoms.

I use em in standard ( I actually need to change them), but they sound a lot better in drop c.

i keep my Ibanez XPT-700 Xiphos always in Drop C tuning and use the strings in that link

ghs boomers

i definately like 12... but sometimes get 11 when i have my guitar set up

as you go up string size it should feel more comfortable after a few days and way better than when you played smaller.... the thing is dont go too high too fast because going back down can be really rough and awkward

so i would say try out some GHS 11s

any questions just PM me
Skinny Top Heavy Bottom or Power Slinkys.
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get some elixir .11's.

'nuff said
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I use D'addario 10-52. The top strings are light enough to feel comfortable, but still hold the tuning fine. And I like a bit of beefiness on the low-end.
I use 12's. They're not flopping all over the place like 10's.
I use GHS Heavy Bottom Boomers for my Open C tuning (which is lower than what you propose) and they work damn awesome. 10-60 guage, which is good, because it's usually the low ends that get flappy when you start drop tuning, the high end isn't quite as serious. but those hybrid slinky strings seem a bit thin. give it a shot though, it can't hurt.
i use DR string Hi beam 11's in low tuning if the guitar has an tremolo on it since they have an thicker core wire as for String through or TOM bridges i use Dunlop 12's.
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I use GHS Boomers 11-50, works fine for Drop C. It's probably the lightest you should go if you stay in Drop C... they work well for standard too, so...
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