I love my tone but I feel like it could be better! I'm running a Gibson Double Cutaway with Burstbucker Pros through an Orange Rockerverb and on high gain settings, my tone just isn't exactly where I want it...
I use (individually) my amp's "dirty channel", a Bad Monkey, and a Boss Dual Overdrive, all of which I'm fairly pleased with but my tone tends to get a bit muddy and unpleasing. As for my cleans, they're articulate and desirable But, I wouldn't complain if they were improved

I figure the best way to achieve a better sound is to either get new pickups (most likely just a bridge pickup) or an EQ pedal. Or... Both?! I realize that these are both intended to "shape" your tone and that's what I'm looking for, not a complete makeover.

I play almost every style of music so versatility is an absolute MUST. Favorite tones are The Fall of Troy and Buckethead.

If you need more information, feel free to ask! Thanks in advance
not sure how you have trouble getting Fall of Troy tones with that rig (which is sweet, btw), since their guitarist uses Oranges and Gibsons. i guess an eq pedal would be a good option. maybe turn down your gain a little bit and use the bad monkey to boost it to the higher gain tone you're looking for. in the videos i've watched of Fall of Troy, i thought I saw an AD series Orange, which has less gain than the Rockerverb
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