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Whats not to get apparantly Egnater was not the first to come out with the Tube Mix Feature on an amp. Some Italian amp company "Brunetti" has had a patent since 2005. I dont really care for name calling, bla bla bla... I just thought it was an interesting fact.
It's entirely possible that they both came up with the idea independently. I can't find a copy of the Brunetti patent or a schematic of the Egnater so I'm not sure how they achieve the tube blending, but I don't think it would be terribly complicated in practice.

Mesa has made amps where you could choose between sets of power tubes for quite a while. Stephenson amps have switches on the back where you can turn individual power tubes of different types on and off. THD makes an amp that allows you to mix and match nearly any two power tubes. Point is, this isn't some radically new idea, it's an evolution of older designs. It's unfortunate if the design was indeed stolen but I'd be very surprised if that were the case.
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