I'm not buying a Telecaster, it's just a general question.

What's makes the Telecaster different to the strat, tone wise?
Wow, Pickups , wood, neck profiles, body shape. Just about everything.

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I live in a small town and can't just go to a guitar center because there isn't one. I have read many things but was just wondering what sets them apart.

I've always owned strats.
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I'll make it as basic as I can. If you don't understand some of the terms, LOOK THEM UP.
If some of this is a little, or a lot off, sue me.

Telecaster-Developed by Leo Fender. First mass-production electric guitar. It has 2 pickups and a solid body with no contours. Known for it's "twang", or country type sound. Also excellent for surf, funk, and was used for the solo in "Stairway to Heaven." The pickups are single-coil. Very simple design, easy to play, slim neck, and can play a variety of genres.

Stratocaster-Leo's second genius guitar. Three single-coil pickups with a tremolo in the bridge for intense vibrato, dive-bombing, etc. Contoured body that hugs the players body. Ergonomically incredible. Usual 5 position pickup selector offers combination usage of the three pickups. Slim, fast neck, and played by dang near everyone, most notably, Jimi, Yngwie, Clapton, SRV, to name just a few.

Hope that helps a little.
Use Wikipedia.
Sorry for any errors in history and such.

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I'm not buying a Telecaster, it's just a general question.

What's makes the Telecaster different to the strat, tone wise?

trem and springs on most strats.
hardtail on teles.
also, vintage tele bridge has 2 strings per saddle.
this sounds a bit different from strats or the teles with individual saddles.

3 very similar Single Coils on a strat.
all mounted on a plastic pickguard.
neck pickup on a tele has a smaller bobbin and chrome cover.
bridge pickup has a large bobbin and is attatched to the guitar on the bridge plate, not a pick guard.

pickup location:
closer spacing when using two pickups on a Strat.
bridge and middle or middle and bridge.
distant spacing of bridge and neck on a tele doesn't "quack", it "twangs".
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