So I got an offer for a Guild bass guitar for $100. I don't know the model yet, but how good are Guilds in general? What models are good? Any info on Guilds?

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Any chance you could get the model?

Even if you got one of their questionable 90s acoustics, Guild basses are generally well built and decent sounding instruments and at 100 USD its a steal. Some of their vintage basses from the 1960s go for much, much more on the open market, for instance the Guild Starfire series.
What is the normal price for these things, assuming its in very good condition?

That? Looks good to me, go for it. Looks like it might neck dive a bit, but you'll be ok...just rest your right arm on the body.
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I don't like the look of that bridge, but it is a great deal. do it.

and post a picture.
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