I have tried myself and I can't get it very low at all without a lot of fretbuzz. I have a Schecter C-1 Classic and I've heard they can't have very low action. I'm thinking about taking it in for a professional set up to lower the action but I don't want to waste the money if they can't do it with my guitar. I've already tried just lowering the bridge, no luck. Lots of fretbuzz. I tried adjusting the truss rod and that hardly did anything.

What do you think? Is my guitar just not meant for this kind of action? By the way I currently use 12 guage strings. I've tried gauges from 10 to 13 and nothing helps.
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A.) Don't try lowering the action by using the truss-rod... This is how necks become screwy.
B.) How low do you want it?
C.) The C-1 Classic should have no problems with very low action... Schecters make basically all of their guitars to have low action.
like low haha. Its so hard to play on it now. Its more of a chore than anything right now.
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start with lowering your saddles/bridge. itll take some time to find a sweet spot where the action is really low without the fret buzz. if that doesnt work, you could probably try something else, but at this point, id hand my guitar to my cousin cuz hed know what to do.
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lower saddles
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take it to a tech cus u dont know what ur doing he can lower it for you
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