hey guys, I got a tech question....

Ok, I bought a 6505 non plus model about almost a year ago and its worked really great until recently. Basically when ever i plug the amp in and let it warm up even for about 15 mins, it makes awierd noise when i hit the standby switch to turn it on. The noise is like loud cracking and or fuzzy white noise like SSSSHSHHSHHHHHSHSH, ....for about 3-4 seconds, then goes away. Also everything is connected, meaning my guitar footswitch, and speaker cable are all connected before it plug it in. Now, I replaced the tubes with Ruby 6l6gcmstr (what was in it before) and it worked great for about 3 practices.Tonight when i went to practice its started doing the same thing again. PLEASE HELP! i dont know what it is. has anyone else ever encountered this prolem? thanks!
well, i bought them because the guy at peavey said it sounded like the power tubes and i was planning on replaceing them anyways, so it was only like 50 bucks
Well mine does that at certain places and it's actually due to the power outlet. I assume you don't have a power conditioner. It does it even more in a multi outlet. But me and the other guitar player in my band have 6505's. I own a 6505 and a 5150 and they both do it. And so does his. It's the current coming through your wall when you plug it up. It varies. You need a power conditioner. This doesn't sound like a tube problem. But it never bothers me.