started playing more in Drop C. I think it's a wonderfully low tuning, and the fact that the open bar chord (C minor) also acts as the base for the relative minor of Eb major is just excellent.

But, I've run into some difficulty. I've played in E Standard or drop D basically my whole guitar-playing life (8 years or so) and I can't seem to become fluent in this tuning. Like I can't point to a chord and say, "oh, well this chord is an a minor add 9. I still have to think for a second to recognize individual notes.

Any suggestions?
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It's all frame of reference, my friend. Think of your regular, standard tuning chords, and go down two steps and voila, there you have your chord.

eg. Drop D tuning, the 7th fret would be A5
Drop C tuning, the 7th fret would be A5- 2 steps = G5

eg #2. Standard E tuning, A minor SHAPE on the 4th fret is C#minor
Standard D tuning, A minor SHAPE on the 4th fret is C# - 2 steps = B minor

Hope that helps

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