How necessary is a dremel to the building process? the only part i can think of is for Inlays, but couldnt you just do that with a router?

P.s sorry if you've noticed i've been posting a couple of threads, im just trying to get my head around everything
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It's not absolutely necessary, but it can be useful for, as you said, inlays on the fretboard or headstock (if you want to make an abalone logo or the like), and also for fine detail routing, such as final touches in the neck pocket, recessing the bridge, the pickup holes, and the little "ledge" that you put your backplate on and screw in on the back of the guitar (sorry if that made no sense, I'm going to bed in a minute).

But yeah, useful, but not necessary. If you can't afford it or can't bother paying for one, it doesn't really matter, but they're really helpful in some situations.
Yeah, its used for small things, it has less power so it can't do big cavities (unless you are very patient)
It is good for inlays because dremels are usually smaller than routers so its easier to see what your doing...
A good dremel is just a very nice tool to own. I wouldn't buy one for a single guitar project... actually I think I might have. Anyway, you don't need one, but if you think a lot of other projects are on the way you might as well get one-plus they're a lot of fun.
I have one but never use it.

But I often think they are misused a lot. I see instances where people are trying to make whole guitars with a dremel, and wondering why it's coming out so cruddy. The truth is, they are a very specialized tool, and specialized in small work. They are great for inlays, which are shallow and usually pretty small, but I would definitely advise against making anything bigger than.... a dime with one.
A dremel has so many uses its hard to imagine not having one. They are good for detail work on guitars. I have 2 of em one I just keep a cut off wheel in as I use it so much and have a pile of bits for the other one. The little drum sanders work good in tight places. And the plunge router attachment comes in handy.
Dremel is key for inlays, but don't use a router. Way to powerful for s delicate process.

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I use my dremel for inlays and to cut off fret ends close to the board.. doesnt get too much use..
My plunge router crapped out on me midway through pickup routing on my current project. I took the dremel I had (which is a badass little dremel) and finished my routing. It's not that pretty, but it worked.

People under estimate the ability of dremels. I'd definetly purchase one. Never know when it might come in handy.

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I borrowed my brother's cheapo dremel and will be getting one at some point soon- I have found it really handy + possibly misused it a bit:

Buffing the fretboard + frets
Shaping a bone nut
removal of a snapped screw
cleaning excess solder from my electronics
Reshaping pickup /selector switch cavities
I've always wanted to use one to do a carved design, You know like a kind of art guitar? Do a dragon or something.