I'm just wondering how other people decide which song they want to cover. I decide by choosing a song that I've known for some time and that I can personally relate to.
If it's fun to play. Also, if it's non-metal, I imagine it as metal. I've got a song in mind that I'm pretty sure would shred if it's done right.
Songs that I like which I also find challenging, being able to play a cover of a technical song after practice makes me smile.
^Note: Probably sarcastic
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I play songs that I like

how else?

This, why on earth would you decide any other way?
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Usually a hook in the song grabs you, lyrics perhaps or theme maybe.

I've just started learning JB - Hallelujah. Mainly because it's a beautiful guitar piece, but is sung well by him too. The lyrics are good I suppose, but it's more the way Jeff arranged it that made it good.

So yes, to summarise it's usually a good guitar piece or song arrangement that gets me wanting to cover it.