I have a 2007 MIA Deluxe Stratocaster (SSS), and I really love it, but I can't get a good distorted tone out of it. So my question is simple, does anyone have a good suggestions for a PUP, their are so many that it's hard to know where to look. If it helps to know the kind of sounds I'm interested in, I like a lot of Tony Iommi, Dave Murray, Jimmy Paige, Slash and Jimi Hendrix.

The strat also has the S-1 switching system on it, so I don't know if that will affect options for PUPs.
Hmm, that is strange that you can not get a good distorted tone, I have a Mexican Standard Fat strat, and I get a perfectly heavy, crunchy metal tone from the bridge pickup. Are you using a good amp?

I am not too good with pickups, I know seymour duncans are pretty awesome. The S-1 switching system wont really affect what pickups you can use as it just switches between which pickups are being used.
You pretty much won't get those sounds without at least one humbucker. I've never tried a dual rail single coil thingy, though - they might get the job done.
Have a look at lace sensors especially the blue and red ones as there much hotter then the gold ones


Yeah, you could put hotter pick-ups in, but you could also get a good distortion pedal (there are way too many to suggest, but try them out and find one that suits you). Another option is active pickups. I have a Strat with EMG-SAs and the bridge gets a pretty wide open distortion through my amps gain channel. You can turn the gain up pretty high, do a tiny bit of EQ tweaking, and still sound thick (contrary to what Strat haters think). But, I love the sound of the neck pickup with a medium amount of gain. Solos are creamy and thick, and chords are chunky when I set it up that way.
i had the exact same problem with my stratocaster.

Get a Dimarzio Super Distortion S (single coil sized humbucker) in the bridge and leave the neck and middle stock..

sounds AWESOME with distortion.. hot but really clear