i'm looking for a small tube amp that would be good for the bedroom and have a good sound. I usually play funk, blues, alt rock, classic rock stuff. I'm not going to be doing like heavy distortion/metal stuff with it.

I was looking at the Fender Blues Junior or something like that. How can I get a good distortion/overdrive sound out of it? Is it fully tube or some solid state?

Look at the amps by this eBay seller: http://shop.ebay.com/merchant/sideshowbytheseashore_W0QQ_nkwZQQ_armrsZ1QQ_fromZQQ_mdoZ

I bought an amp from them a little while ago, and it has a wicked clean, the distortion is a bit lacking but that's because I'm more into heavy distortion and not light crunch.

Failing that, an Epiphone Valve Jr. would be nice too. All tube, low wattage and nice sound.
Check into the blackheart amps... they're made by crate but sound really tasty.
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How big of an amp? Blues Jr. is all tube. I have a Champ 600 and its great, although small.
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The Blues Jr : is a 15 watt 2xel84 design, it's going to be pretty loud for just bedroom practice, if you're looking for power tube saturation. Of course it's nice that is has reverb, EQ and will take pedals very nicely.

Epiphone Valve Jr : 5 watts 1xel84, just turn it up an jam. Don't under estimate it's small size, I have the head and cab and it is loud. Sounds great cranked, it breaks up pretty early on the dial, I like it at about 10:30-11:00. It is a little muddy, but there are plenty of mods out there to fix it, also better tubes makes a huge improvement. If you're playing single coils, you probally won't even notice the muddiness.

Blackheart BH-5 : 5/3 watts 1xel84. I have the head and it is a great little amp. It has an EQ and is triode/pentode switchable. So you can get crunch at a lower volume, although I think the 3 watt cranked sounds a little fizzy. It has more versitilty than the EpVjr. It does however sound a little thin compared to the EpVjr though.

Champion 600/Gretsch G5222: These are neat little amp 5 watts 1x6v6. In fact I just bought the Gretsch version today. (A guy on ebay is selling new ones with scratched backs for $129 shipped). You'll be able to crank it and not disturb the neighbors. It does however sound a little boxy, but I'm using mine as a head.
Plus one on the Epi Valve Jr.
Good luck

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Fender Blues Jr. Best for the money.
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You have to decide if you want an American or British voiced amp. A lot of classic rock is British voiced, most blues is American voiced (or think of it in terms of what the artists played. Fender=american, marshall=british). Blues junior does the American, blackheart or a crate v18 would do british.
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Check into the blackheart amps... they're made by crate but sound really tasty.

agreed, probably the best 5w tube amps out there, seeing unlike most 5w tube amps, they actually have more controls other than one volume knob and a on/off switch
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$350 for the blackheart and a 3 band eq......$250 for the epi VJ use the other hundy on an eq pedal of your choice and your already ahead. you'll want a reverb pedal and od either way you go. tube changes are a breeze and really make a difference!!