I have a cort earth 900 parlor guitar model. It sounds good but i have some problems with the action that is higher then my previous guitar wich was a washburn d10s dreadnought. I also find that there is much more tension in the strings. The strings on my cort are still the ones from the factory wich are daddario exp 11 coated 80/20 bronze, Gauges: 12-16-24-32-42-53

If i want my guitar more playable with a high action should i buy bigger gauge strings or smaller gauge? And what to do with the stringtension?
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Smaller gauge strings have less tension, so you could try some 11's instead. You could try adjusting your action as well. Maybe try a shop if you're not confident of doing it yourself.
High action guitars are more suited for Dobro playing, or slide.......
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yeah, get the guitar set up at a shop, or get smaller gauge strings. If you want a "quick fix" then you could detune your guitar to Eb standard, or D standard, and then capo it so that it sounds back into regular standard.

That is just a temporary fix though, get it set up or change strings