last night i restrung by schecter hellraiser. i am not sure what strings it did have, but i restrung with heavy gauge DR's. When i tuned it into standard tuning, the floyd was almost vertical, so i down-tuned it to dropped C. This flattened off the floyd, a little too much as now the action is too low and i get a load of buzzing from the strings. it is playable but i would like to set it up properly. should i attempt this myself (if so, how?) or should i take it to a guitar shop and see if they can set it up for me (if so, how much should i expect to pay). cheers guys
To get the floyd set up right you should check this: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=614226

If you get that right I wouldn't have thought the rest of your guitar would need anything done to it.
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u should loosen up the screw in the back of the floyd rose, the exposed back part of the guitar.. there's a pretty awesome video on youtube by "edlg42", he explains step by step good luck