Hey, I just got my self a Shure PG14 after ignoring what people say about wirelesses (all cheap ones are crap) and I used it last night and it was awesome didn't have one problem and it was duct tapped to my strap, but I was wondering if there was a better way to do it because tape leaves sticky residue and stuff you don't want, Yes I saw the dunlop bags but I can't seem to get them in Australia.
Didn't it come with a belt clip?
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Yes but those wimpy clips fly straight off, (did that at soundcheck) and I have the wireless on my strap cos I throw my guitar around alot.
Sorry to say it, but there you got another reason not to buy a cheap wireless system. I'd stick (pun intended) with duct tape.

EDIT: You could always try an sew velcro to your strap and stick some to your wireless transmitter.
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oh yeah? well larry king the slayer guitarist owns bc rich guitars. (i think)
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Or sew a little pocket on the strap to hold your wireless unit. Not to hijack your thread but to run wirelessly to your pedals and then wirelessly to your amp would you need 2 wireless units?
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You could always put the unit in a plastic bag then tape the bag to your strap! in a recent issue of guitar world. Some one was being interviewed (i forget who) and they put there wireless system in a condom then taped it to the strap.

I think that might work for you. And it would also help keep the system from getting wet with sweat.
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I usually just electrical tape the sucker to my strap. Doesn't leave a residue like duct tape and is just as strong if you overlap it.
your best bet is sewing somthing, or you can get a small bag of some sort, like a crown royal bag, and tie it on.
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