I have a new Industrial track up called Pain (it's on my UG profile), C4C, as long as you try to be open minded and don't respond with "that just sounds like a bunch of noise"
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I'm not quite sure about this. Some of the production has some cool ideas, but frankly its not that interesting as a whole. It seems like it goes on forever and this would be okay, if it was trance-like or a had some kind of hook. Just because its experimental, doesn't mean its not allowed to listenable. I almost wish there was more going on as it seems very sparse and doesn't grow for the listener.

My biggest complaint though is the same delay sounds. You have the same echo the entire song for all these different parts and it gets old very, very quickly.

I do like you choice of synths, I like some of the odd melodies and chord shapes you use with them. The song as a whole just seems really self indulgent, and I wish it came together better.

I did just listen to some of your other stuff and I feel like Fell, and Dead Sun are far more interesting. Maybe integrate the cool stuff in this Pain into song structures like those two? Even though I wasn't a huge fan I do want to listen to your next song, so definitely post it.

C4C if you like: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=999571
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well is an ambient piece, so it's not really supposed to be super attention grabbing or hooky, but I do know what you mean about the delay, that was the result of MIDI automation errors, which I'm going to try to fix.
make Industrial and/or experimental electronic music? Join my group!

Sounds like something from an old 80's horror film. I quite liked the ominous feel to it and the laughing was a nice touch....and you don't have to have a hook experimental music, anything goes. Overall a 4/5 IMO... it would fit right into something like the leprechorn or child's play movies. good work.


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