Ok, so I have the Gallien Krueger Backline 110 as a small practice amp. My band will start gigging in the near future and I need something bigger and louder. The thing is though, I really like the sound that my Backline 110 gives me. Is it possible to plug my practice amp into a cab or something so that I retain the same sound, but just make it louder? If so can anyone recommend a cab(preferably a Gallien Krueger)? I can spend up to about 800 USD.
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something like this maybe?

problem is that your combo is only 70 W which is pretty weak for a bass. this is the backline as a top with 300 W @ 4 Ohm and a nice cab. should be plenty enough.

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Why not get a better GK amp. The Backline series are pretty much garbage, especially when compared to upper range Gallien's. Spend the $800 on another Gallien (or something else) and you won't be sorry. The amp you have is too quiet and too bad to be effective in a gigging situation.
Well the simple answer is to put a microphone in front if it and let the PA do the work...

GK is a good brand, and you should be able to get a good used rig within your budget quite easily.

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If you must have a GK cab, the Backline 410 should be ok but bad things have been said about them, and it doesn't say if it's 4 or 8 ohms. You'll want an 8 ohm cab so you can add another cab later.
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