This is a classical guitar Romance I recently wrote, called "Romance No.1 in D minor".
It's influenced by Paganini, Beethoven, and Chopin, and is meant to have a romantic-era feel to it.

It's in ternary form (Minor-Major-Minor) as Romances are. I know the recording quality isn't very good, but the mic is terrible, and at least it's better than the sound going straight to camera.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BOoftezO_Aw Or, link in sig. Feel free to rate, comment on youtube also, and add me to friends.

It took me just under 3 months to complete (mid July to early October), I don't know whether that's a long time for a composition or not, but whatever.

I appreciate any critique from you guys, as this is my first composition, and I hope to write many more.

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That is great. I don't even know what to say.

Please make a better recording though. It saddened me to have to listen to such an awesome piece with that sound. And three months does seem like a while. But I guess it payed off, you really can't go wrong with this song.
Thanks a lot guys.

Yeah, I tried to tweak the EQ as much as possible to get a good sound, because trust me, it sounded very lifeless without any changes.

And I was recording through a mic. Hopefully when I get a proper acoustic guitar amplifier, I'll make a more high quality recording.
i Like it alot! i dont know very much about classical music but you have alot of skill on that classical guitar. your playing reminded me almost of like John Williams. and the time change was brilliant and unexpected. like everyone else said, the only flaw i can see is in the quality but thats not really your fault.
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Thanks for the crit…. Sweet piece.. The melodies flow so smoothly and it conveys the sentiment very well.. Great writing and great playing... Great tone as well…. I have nothing to crit... Awesome work.
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