I recently did the "Blackface" Bitmo Trio mod on my Epiphone Valve Jr. The tone is pretty solid, however, there is a constant, low volume fuzzy tone that doesn't change volume no matter how hard or soft I play, it just becomes more or less apparent with the level of unaltered signal. If that made any sense (doubtful), any idea what the problem might be? I've checked all of my solder joints, and tried different cables, and guitars. I'll try to get clips up within the next few minutes. Cheers.
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I'm not the electronics guru, but from what i've read, it could probably be a grounding issue or a cold solder?

check to make sure everything's hooked up properly and your solder joints are all strong.

From there, I can't help yah, sorry.

which Version do you have? 1, 2, or 3 ?

not sure? look here:

Version 1 has AC power to the heaters. it hums, that's normal.
you can Mod to DC power for the heaters to get rid of that.

if you think it might be a problem with the mod you did, post the details of that mod.
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